Tis The Season to Be “Busy”

Busy is the new four-letter word. Ask anyone these days “how are you?” and the answer you’ll get is “busy”

My Dad, who was brilliant with common sense, used to ask me “are you busy or are you making money?”

The other day I heard that question asked by a minister in a slightly different way. “Are you busy or being fruitful?”

On top of our already stressed out busy lives we now add the Holiday Seasons and Christmas. We’re all so hurried pursuing the joy of it, I fear we are rushing right past it.

And what’s happening to our relationships, especially the ones we supposedly cherish, when we are in such a hurry to get to the next thing?

All this hurry and rushing about is also going on inside of us and it’s causing a lot of folks to be anything but joyful, pleasant, and in the spirit of love. It’s also hard to get a quality job done when your trying to rush through it.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty fed up with rushing, hurrying and being to busy to enjoy life!

So, my heartfelt wish for us all this Holiday Season is that we calm down. Take time to savor beautiful things. Enjoy your family and friends and go at a pace where you can be delighted with what you are doing. Seek peace on earth and good will to people and let it begin with you and me.

Happy Holidays.

You Are Loved!

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