Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the course?

The program is self-paced, so completion times vary, but the average learner takes approximately ninety minutes to complete the 10 lessons that comprise “Connect”

Who is it designed for? (Who is the audience)

Anyone wishing to achieve better results and build stronger relationships by communicating more effectively will benefit greatly from Connect. This includes any staff members, team members, IT professionals, managers, executives, sales people, customer service people, and so on.

What do people learn in this course?

People learn how to communicate more effectively, achieve better results and build stronger relationships. They learn to do this by adapting their own natural communication style to the styles of the people they communicate with. The program uses the 4 DISC communication styles as a basis for strategies to identify communication styles and preferences and adapt to others’ styles.

Can learners sign on and sign off or do they have to complete it in one sitting?

Learners can sign on and off as often as they want. The program bookmarks progress so the learner returns to the program in the exact spot they left.

Can I see a demonstration of one of the modules?

We can arrange a demo for you at your convenience. Depending on your circumstances and timing, we can arrange this by sending you a link to a demonstration or arrange an in-person meeting.

How do you ensure learners apply the skills on the job? What kind of reinforcement is included with the Connect online learning?

To ensure learners apply the skills on the job on a consistent basis, Connect includes communications planning tools and analysis tools for on-the-job use, as well as monthly reinforcement “energizers” that are designed to promote sustainability of what the participants learn. We also offer live webinars for discussion questions and answers.

Can we do a pilot with (five) people to see what they think of the online version?

Yes, you are welcome to pilot the program whenever you wish.

I’ll need to discuss this with other people in my organization. What collateral materials/proposals do you have?

Much of the information about Connect appears on website. We can send a link to this information and are happy to provide a link to our color brochure.



How do we get started?

It’s simple to get started. All we require is some additional information and payment by check or credit card

How do I place an order?

You may place an order anytime online at or by calling (631) 246-1646

Can someone with ConnectCPC meet with me?

One of our client experience managers will be happy to meet with you in person after we have gathered some basic information about you and your organization. We do this to ensure the meeting is as effective and efficient for you as possible.



How much does it cost?

For 1-25 users, Connect costs $349.00 per user. Tiered pricing is available.

How do we pay for it – bundled, on an individual usage basis, online, credit card, etc.?

You may pay online by credit card or by cheque.

While we do not offer money-back guarantees, we will be happy to discuss options with you if, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the Connect program



How can I track and measure learner participation and results?

Connect resides on a portal within the secure ConnectCPC site. We can provide you with information to access the administrative portion of the portal, which will give you access to usage reports.



Do we need to be concerned about our company’s firewalls in terms of access to the course?

No. Connect is accessed via a link to a portal on the secure Connect CPC learning platform, so there should not be any issues regarding your organization’s firewalls.



What brought about the decision to develop an online version of Ellen Cooperperson’s communications program?

Ellen wishes to share her intellectual capital from 30 years of delivering effective communications training in a classroom setting, and with the popularity of online learning, she decided to develop an online version with the support of multiple business associates.

How does Connect differ from the classroom training?

Connect is similar in content to the classroom version and covers the same topics and communication strategies. The online version goes one step further by enhancing the learning with video vignettes, new application exercises, communication tools, monthly follow-up reinforcement “energizers” and webinars for interactive discussion questions and answers.

This is CPC’s first foray into online learning, so we partnered with eLearning professionals with a combined 50+ years of experience and success in developing online learning programs.

How effective will it be compared to the classroom version? (Is online training as effective as classroom?)

Studies consistently show that good online learning programs can be as effective as – or more effective than – classroom training since learners learn at their own pace and convenience and because the training is more consistent than classroom training. Connect 4- Effective Communication also offers a blended learning solution to include live interaction. The key to the effectiveness of any learning is application and practice. There are numerous and consistent opportunities to focus on one topic, take action and reflect on the results.

What does the course look and feel like? (How interactive is it? Videos? Exercises?)

The course is highly interactive and engaging for learners. It includes brief presentations of concepts, demonstrations of communication styles and other content via video vignettes, exercises, on-the-job communication tools, a self-assessment, monthly follow-up “energizers” to reinforce and apply the learning, and other resources.

Does this replace the classroom training and personal coaching Ellen does?

Depending on the program, Connect may be the ideal solution to complement and reinforce the training that CPC provides. We will be happy to consult with you on this.

Can it be used to complement training we’ve already done, e.g., as a reinforcement of the training?

Connect may be the ideal solution to reinforce the training that you have already received. We will be happy to consult with you on this.

What are the real benefits a company gains by using an online version of training?

Online learning has many advantages. The main benefits are that:
• Each learner can access the program at their own pace and convenience
• Online learning is cost effective
• Each learner is personally engaged in the learning experience
• As an administrator you can save time and expense since you do not need to gather a group of people for the training at the same time in a central location.

Are people really helped by this program?

Yes, undoubtedly! Some learners even talk about it as a life-changing experience because it helps people communicate more effectively and achieve results more consistently. As with any training program, the effectiveness ultimately lies with the learner’s ability to listen, be patient and practice/practice/practice.

Can you teach and/or learn communication skills without interacting with others, as is the case in an online program?

Yes! Learners begin to apply the skills almost immediately during the program, after the program, and as part of the monthly reinforcement “energizers” that are included at no additional cost. As with any training program, of course, the effectiveness ultimately lies on the learner’s ability to actively participate in their own learning. The program is designed to keep learners engaged.

What are the real benefits of an online version to the learners?

The main benefits are that each learner can access the program at their own pace and convenience and is personally engaged in the online learning and the monthly follow-up “energizers.” This occurs through a series of interactive exercises and on-the-job communication tools. What’s so important about building relationships? Research consistently shows that people who relate to others and develop their emotional and social intelligence are more successful than those who do not. Building relationships at work and in your personal life is the foundation of connecting with other people and working effectively with others to get things done. Connect helps learners realize why building relationships through effective communications is critical, and provides the strategies and tools to do it.