New Generation Leaders

Six Essential Building Blocks for Those who will Shape the Future


Are you ready to take your place among the ranks of today’s great leaders? Would it help you to learn the foundational principles that will position you to master the challenges to come? The more you know, the faster you will grow and the father you will go. There are two doors leading to the path of learning. Door one, make your own mistakes. Door two, learn from the experiences of others. If you are eager to learn and committed to personal and professional growth, then you are ready to attempt things that previous generations only dreamed about.

Course Details:


Audience/Who Should Attend:


  • Next Generation Leaders who want to be equipped to shape the future

  • New managers with up to three years’ experience.


Course Description:


  • This concise course is offered from the perspective of a uniquely qualified and highly respected executive educator and Master Coach to scores of top executives and next generation leaders in major Fortune 500 corporations, as well as with leaders at all levels in the U.S.A. Air National Guard.  The experiences, examples, and training of these remarkable women and men provide the opportunity to equip you with the essentials you need to thrive in this unpredictable world and shape the future. Next generation leaders are surfacing in every field. Are you ready to throw your hat in the ring, and leverage your gifts for all they are worth?

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Course Features:

  • 6 Session Course Total (15 hours) – with practical application assignments to reinforce and enhance learning in between

  • Connect Foundation Course (2.5 Hours) PLUS 5 (2.5 Hour) Virtual Workshops:

    • Connect Foundation – Discovering Your Talents, Gifts and Opportunities for Growth

    • 12 Principles of Leadership Excellence

    • Mission Control – Doing Less, Accomplishing More

    • Make Better Decisions, With Less Uncertainty, and Fewer Regrets

    • Coaching to Unleash Pure Potential

    • Creating a Vibrant Organization