Introducing the 4 Personality Types

DISC ENERGIZERS are designed to bring the 4 DISC Styles to life. These short videos and follow-up activities can be integrated into team meetings or virtual training to reinforce and deepen people’s understanding of the styles. These micro-lessons can help people who have just participated in a classroom training or in the Cooperperson Performance Consulting “Connect 4 – Effective Communication” online video course, to help participants apply their understanding of the four personality styles.

The DISC Energizers package includes 12 animated videos that focus on the strengths and development opportunities of each style and Do’s and Don’ts exercises to improve communication and team effectiveness up, down and across an organization.

Whether you’re the team’s leader, corporate trainer or business coach, the engaging videos and fun exercises will help you strengthen the team’s insight about themselves and their ability to apply the learning about the four styles with others.


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