How to Do the 6 Things That Matter Most When Helping Someone Change Their Behavior

CONNECT 4 – Accountability Coaching

Achieving absolute honesty and maintaining complete respect while addressing tough problems, requires skill. And six extraordinarily effective skills, based on solid research and a deep understanding of what really motivates people to change, is what this course offers. The Connect 4- Accountability System ™ cracks the code of how to overcome resistance to change and demonstrates techniques in preparing leaders to set clear expectations and improve bottom-line results. These 6 simple techniques take your employees to the next level in driving accountability and removes people’s chronic excuses for resolving broken promises and failed results. DISC Behavioral Styles included.

Course Details:


Target Audience:

  • Leaders, Managers, HR professionals, Coaches, and Project Managers who are committed to people’s success


Course Purchase Options


Blended Learning Course:


  • 7 Session Course Total (8.5 hours)

  • Connect Foundation Course (2.5 Hours) PLUS 6 (1 Hour) Virtual Workshops:

    • Connect Foundation – Who You Are; How You See Others – Taking Inventory of Your Coaching Style

    • What Coaches Do and Don’t Do

    • Identifying the Top Ten Bad Habit Behaviors that Keep People Stuck – Why You Do the Things You Do – Triggers and Terrors

    • Evaluating the Risks and Benefits of Negative Behavior – Self Deception and Delusion

    • Preparing for Change: Removing Temptations and Stressors, Adding Good Habit Reinforcers

    • Moving Into Action – Baby Steps – Getting Through It as You Do It – The Built-In Forgetter – Relapse as Part of the Process

    • Accountability Buddies – Measuring Results – Making Change Stick