Leadership from Within

Great leadership starts with answering the question, are you the type of leader people want to follow? Being a great leader of others is complex. You want to get it right. Getting leadership right begins with YOU.  It’s not an external journey, it’s an inside job. Traditional leadership training focuses time and energy on developing skills. While they are important, they are usually not grounded in timeless, sustainable principles that set the standards of repeatable personal and organizational excellence.

Course Details:


Audience/Who Should Attend:
      • Leaders at all levels ready to unlock the power of self mastery and access freedom, joy, inner peace and abundance.

Course Description:


      • This extraordinary course focuses on “12 Guiding Principles” ™ leaders can always count on to inspire and empower a team to work for a common purpose, align with core values, pursue a common mission, and reach common objectives.  This course offers leaders a true north compass to decide what is the right, best and next thing to do in any situation. Your pursuit of being a great leader begins here with this highly acclaimed course in Leadership mastery. 

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Course Features:


      • 6 Session Course Total (15 hours) – with practical application assignments to reinforce and enhance learning in between

      • Connect Foundation Course (2.5 Hours) PLUS 5 (2.5 Hour) Virtual Workshops:

      • Connect Foundation – Embracing Your Authentic Self

      • Discovering Your Purpose and Driving Desire

      • Shifting Old Paradigms and Aligning with the Power of Pure Potential

      • Harnessing the 12 Enduring Principles of Successful Transformation

      • Bridging the Knowing-Doing Gap: Turning Knowledge into Action

      • Elevating other Individuals, Teams, and Your Organization