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Learning on the go is incredibly quick and easy with Connect!

No doubt, there are plenty of online and offline-training systems offered.  Very few of them focus on what the data has shown to be the single most important success factor in business… CONNECTING with others on a personal level by understanding how they need to be communicated with.  And none of them have the combination of ease-of-use and compelling learning like Connect.

How Can Effective Communication Transform Your Organization?

From sales to management to operations, how successful you are is directly related to how well you truly connect with other people. And believe it or not, it’s all a matter of style. Understanding theirs… adjusting yours.

Reams of research show that a personal connection is the number one factor in achieving your goals in business… and life. And your personality style is the key.

In a short series of micro lessons, most less than 10 minutes, you’ll learn everything you need to know about connecting with others on a whole new level.

Featured Courses

DISC Energizers

Designed to bring the 4 DISC Styles to life. These short videos and follow-up activities can be integrated into team meetings or virtual training to reinforce and deepen people’s understanding of the styles. These micro-lessons can help people who have just participated in a classroom training or in the Cooperperson Performance Consulting “Connect 4 – Effective Communication” online video course, to help participants apply their understanding of the four personality styles.

The DISC Energizers package includes 12 animated videos that focus on the strengths and development opportunities of each style and Do’s and Don’ts exercises to improve communication and team effectiveness up, down and across an organization.

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Courageous Conversation

Helps learners increase self-awareness around conflict behaviors. Discover how to effectively respond when opinions vary, emotions are strong, and relationships are at stake.

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Social Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Accurately measures a person’s EQ, which is the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power of overall emotional well-being to facilitate higher levels of collaboration and productivity. Valuable tool for in-succession planning.

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Workplace Assessment

Measuring four behavioral styles providing insight into how members of staff, management and leadership are likely to respond to certain situations.

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Connect 4 – Effective Communication

Start Communicating Effectively Now and Optimize the Effectiveness of Every Aspect of your Business…

  • Connect is a powerful learning and development system that significantly enhances relationships, employee engagement and the achievement of great business result
  • The connect tool kit provides the missing link in typical training and development programs – “the human factor” which enables employees at all levels to increase their effectiveness with others at work and in life
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Connect focuses on the critical “missing link” in communications and selling skills training: The Human Factor.

It teaches:
  • How people communicate
  • Where and why communication breakdowns typically occur
  • Four distinct communication styles that define the way people prefer to receive information
  • How to easily identify and adapt to each of the styles to consistently achieve more effective communication, significantly enhancing relationships and achieving business results

At this point, the user has all of the tools necessary to change and control their communications style based on the situation and the styles of the people with whom they are relating. And for those situations that demand additional attention, there is other learning that can take place to provide solutions, as well as consulting to handle critical issues tied into communications within the work place.

How It Works

In a recent survey by The RAIN Group that examined $3.1 billion in sales opportunities, buyers across global industries indicated overwhelmingly that a key factor in selecting the #1 Sales Winners over the second place finishers was that “the sales professional made a personal connection with me.

In a Grossman survey, 400 organizations of 100,000+ employees are each losing $62.4 million per year based on inadequate communications to and between employees. Specifically U.S. Hospitals lost $12 billion/year due to poor communications. And according to Gallup $450 to $550 billion in productivity is lost yearly due to actively disengaged employees.

Who is the connect UNIVERSITY FOR?

It’s your vision steering the ship. But you can’t get to your destination alone. That’s why the most important element to your success is your people aligned with that vision. But first they have to know what you are talking about. Connect helps you communicate so that everyone throughout your organization absorbs your message exactly the way you see it. The content is never the issue… it is the style of your delivery and the style of those who are listening.

You are judged by the performance of your team.  It affects your advancement, your financial prospects, your future.  But so much of it is out of your control… and frustrating.  Your people—many of whom are very talented—just don’t seem to be able to get the job done, leaving you with significant head scratching time.  But there is an answer.  Workplace interactivity and teamwork is all about communications, period.  People working together towards a single goal is the answer.  Connect helps your people recognize each other’s communications styles and cater to those styles so that everyone is heard loud and clear.

How many times have you seen people in your workforce looking completely drained? You wonder about how happy they are and whether they have energy when they get home to interact with spouses or play with the kids.  You know the work is hard and time consuming, but you have calculated productivity and the load is workable.  So what’s the issue and what’s the solution?  It’s all about communications and interacting with fellow personnel and management.  When everyone feels that they have been heard, they feel engaged, part of a team and inspired.  Instead of depleting energy, it’s created.   That’s what Connect can do for your organization.

Where communications is the most critical. People within an organization charged to work together towards a common goal. Peers with no official leader, just good will and purpose. And then everything goes to pot. Order may be maintained but body language, facial expressions and other non-verbal indicators say that people are just not getting it… until it is clear they are frustrated and unwilling to get it. Connect can help everybody be heard, and hear everyone else clearly. Because it’s not about the content—it’s about the style.

You’ve put together the perfect proposal.  Your company is the ideal partner for the prospect.  You get ready to celebrate and then you get the call, “We’ve decided to go with someone else.”  You’re dumbfounded, but if you think about it the reason is crystal clear: they just didn’t get you.  Why?  It’s all about personality style.  With Connect, you’ll never let this situation get the better of you again.

Why it's unique

The step-by-step process within a series of short interactive lessons is meant to be absorbed by all users regardless of their personality style. Yes we integrate the basis tenet of our system into the learning we have created. You can say that we truly walk the walk. And so will you!

As communications learning and development specialists we understand how people need to receive information in order for it to be effective.  That’s why the lessons are mixed with video vignettes with live actors to illustrate situations so that the user can recognize and identify with the concepts in real life, interactive graphics for emphasis and narration from Connect creator Ellen Cooperperson.  Many training videos are long affairs with talking heads.  Clearly there is a better way and we do it.

Whether the user watches the first five-minute lesson or absorbs the entire program in one sitting, Connect has been created so that the learning is immediately applicable.  The core concepts are so simple and so recognizable as truth—because the user has already experienced exactly what we are indicating is a core problem with interpersonal communications—that the understanding is instantaneous.