Women NOW and Yes Baby, She’s My Sir


From a 40+ year perspective “Women NOW” answers significant questions about feminism, the Women’s movement, and the most powerful feminist group in the nation.

Today, “Women NOW” creates a forum for an extraordinary consciousness raising experience!

Produced and directed by Ellen Cooperperson in 1978, this 42 minute presentation is not only a nostalgic recreation of the early days of the feminist movement, but a must see for the next generation about why the struggle for equality must continue.

The video also includes the 25 minute film, “Yes Baby, She’s My Sir”. This animated and live dramatization explores the world of language and its impact on people’s lives.

* 10% of each sale is donated to
Women’s Educational & Coaching Center.
A 501c3 Founded by Ellen Cooperperson in 1978

“This is perhaps the best historical and consciousness raising film I have seen in a very long time. For anyone who wants to know what NOW does, and how she has benefited from the women’s movement, this film is a must see.”
Marcia A. Pappas, President of NOW New York State

“Just the ticket for educating the young and reminding the old”
Sandy Rapp, Author, Singer, Song Writer

“Women Now is a wonderful…and most accurate explanation of why we did what we did. Yes Baby, She’s My Sir should be compulsory viewing for all educators of all grades”
Marilyn Fitterman, NOW, NE Regional Director

“Both of these films will be of great value in Women’s Studies and American Studies programs and will generate lively discussion of the comparison between then and now”
Ruth Brandwein, Ph.D., Professor and Director, Stony Brook University

“Not once was I unmoved by what I was seeing. I truly believe that everyone who is able should make every effort possible to see these films.”
Arlene Siegel, Brooklyn News

“I would like every woman in the country to see this!”
Barbara Stronglin, Former Director, Girl Scouts of America