Connect 4 – Effective Communication

Getting Along with Anyone

Connect 4 – Workplace Communication

Course Description:

Start Communicating Effectively Now and Optimize the Effectiveness of Every Aspect of Your Business

  • Connect is a powerful learning and development system that significantly enhances relationships, employee engagement, and the achievement of great business results.
  • The connect tool kit provides the missing link in typical training and development programs – “the human factor” which enables employees at all levels to increase their effectiveness with others at work and in life.
  • Make your employee’s lives easier by understanding and applying a simple set of research-based skills that will help them handle any relationship, no matter what situation they are in.
  • This course is highly recommended for anyone who wants to discover the People Principles & Skills that work every time. DISC Behavioral Styles Assessment included.
  • Please note, this course is available as an online, self-paced learning program.
  • The Video collection can also be bundled with other Connect University courses to enhance and reinforce the virtual (live) learning programs listed HERE.

The Connect 4- course includes:

  • 10 Video Based Micro-Lessons
  • Quizzes, Games & Pre-Post Tests
  • DiSC Assessment
  • 12 Reinforcement Energizers