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Start Communicating Effectively Now and Optimize the Effectiveness of Every Aspect of your Business…
  • Connect is a powerful learning and development system that significantly enhances relationships, employee engagement and the achievement of great business result
  • The connect tool kit provides the missing link in typical training and development programs – “the human factor” which enables employees at all levels to increase their effectiveness with others at work and in life
  • Learn how to best communicate, where and why communication breaks down, understand the four distinct communication styles, and how to easily identify and adapt to these  styles most effectively. 

Designed to bring the 4 DISC Styles to life. This package includes short videos and follow-up activities that can be integrated into team meetings or virtual training to reinforce and deepen people’s understanding of the styles. These micro-lessons can help people who have just participated in a classroom training or in the Cooperperson Performance Consulting “Connect 4 – Effective Communication” online video course, to help participants apply their understanding of the four personality styles.

The DISC Energizer package includes 12 animated videos that focus on the strengths and development opportunities of each style and Do’s and Don’ts exercises to improve communication and team effectiveness up, down and across an organization.


Designed for employees at all levels to understand their own and other’s behaviors and how to build more effective relationships.



DISC Workplace Assessment $100

This assessment examines the behaviors leaders bring to the organization, the motivations that drive them and the ability to demonstrate the qualities of a great leader. The report and debrief provides specific details about the how, why and what is needed for superior performance.



DISC Executive Leadership $150

This assessment provides a wealth of information about your management style, what motivates you and what drains your energy. Additionally, you’ll learn how to connect better with others whose priorities and preferences are different from your own.



DISC Management Assessment $120

This assessment accurately measures an individual’s ability to sense, understand and effectively apply emotional well-being to be productive and collaborate on a high-performance team.


DISC Social-Emotional Intelligence $120