Why It’s Unique

No doubt, there are plenty of online and offline-training systems offered.  Very few of them focus on what the data has shown to be the single most important success factor in business… connecting with others on a personal level by understanding how they need to be communicated with.  And none of them have the combination of ease-of-use and compelling learning like Connect.


The step-by-step process within a series of short interactive lessons is meant to be absorbed by all users regardless of their personality style. Yes we integrate the basis tenet of our system into the learning we have created. You can say that we truly walk the walk. And so will you!

As communications learning and development specialists we understand how people need to receive information in order for it to be effective.  That’s why the lessons are mixed with video vignettes with live actors to illustrate situations so that the user can recognize and identify with the concepts in real life, interactive graphics for emphasis and narration from Connect creator Ellen Cooperperson.  Many training videos are long affairs with talking heads.  Clearly there is a better way and we do it.

Connect is designed to be an unfolding story.  So each lesson builds on the preceding one.  This format, the use of interactivity and most importantly, the 12 energizers that begin to arrive upon completion of the core eight-lesson program creates an ongoing engagement with the user that ensures the lessons stick.

Whether the user watches the first five-minute lesson or absorbs the entire program in one sitting, Connect has been created so that the learning is immediately applicable.  The core concepts are so simple and so recognizable as truth—because the user has already experienced exactly what we are indicating is a core problem with interpersonal communications—that the understanding is instantaneous.

The majority of the eight micro-lessons are less than 10 minutes each. And the concepts are easy enough that for many, a single sit-through is enough. The downloadable PDF bonus tips associated with each lesson are designed to help with some of the key details and they can be absorbed anywhere and anytime. The energizers arrive in the inbox monthly to give reinforcement to the learning so that it can be consistently used in the work environment. The formats and lengths of the energizers vary, but they take up no more than a fraction of time on a monthly basis. For more information about the energizer package, sold separately, click here