“My business is sales-driven. In the past, we’ve used DISC training on an individual basis, but we’ve never been able to implement it company-wide. We took a chance on Connect and the results have been no less than astounding. Connect is a tool that lends our sales team the indispensable skill of communication. They’ve learned how to sell to the unique needs of the person they’re dealing with, and it’s taken their natural sales abilities to an entirely different level.”

Marc Haskelson – President & CEO of Compliancy Group LLC


“As a sales training and leadership development professional, I strongly urge others to use Connect as the basis for all other training they include in their curriculum. Connect sets the foundation for effective communication, and as such, is the standard for teambuilding, consultative selling skills, leadership communications, conflict resolution and so much more.  I’ve seen firsthand how it’s made a sea-change difference in the way people view themselves and communicate most effectively with others to enhance relationships and produce results. Ellen presents how to “connect” with others and achieve results in an energetic and most practical way that can be applied immediately – and consistently.”

Will Voelkel, CEO, William Voelkel Training & Coaching LLC


“I found it invaluable and fascinating–I couldn’t get enough of it!  I’ve been exposed to DISC and personality styles before in my 30 years of banking and business development, but Connect is DISC on steroids!  And so easy to understand–I got it for the first time.  The actors did an exceptional job representing the different styles and how to work with each one more effectively.  It’s tremendous to know the best approach to use with any individual I meet to get the results I want.  The whole program taught this “old dog new tricks”. There were so many fresh ideas and it makes you think.  Like the segment on “styles that bug us the most” – I never thought about is this way.   I’m looking forward to applying it all at Signature Bank and practicing these skills.”

Martha Stark – Group Director, Senior VP for Signature Bank


“It seems like a miracle when Ellen appeared in my life. All aspects of my life needed improvement simultaneously and Ellen played a critical role in guiding me down a path of discovery, realization and healing. I can honestly say I am in the best place I’ve ever been and feel more peace, insight and success than ever before. I don’t know where I’d be today if it weren’t for Ellen Cooperperson and the work we did together.”

Elizabeth Smith – Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney


“As a leader of clinical research teams, it would have helped me to be more skilled in developing human relationships.It’s clear that the next generation of doctors can no longer rely only on respect for their authority, and that your teaching about how to quickly connect and establish trust with people is a key ingredient in producing quality patient outcomes.”

Max Fink, MD, Neurologist; Author, Distinguished Professor Stony Brook University, School of Medicine; technical advisor to Russell Crowe for the movie “A Beautiful Mind”


“The business world today moves at a faster pace than ever before with teams working remotely to quickly move the needle in the right direction.  The difference between success and failure comes down to getting employees into the right seat on the bus and ensuring they communicate effectively. I found Connect to be a terrific way to help our teams understand the dynamics of the communication process and why people communicate with unique styles.  More importantly, Connect assisted our managers to understand how to build effective teams using DiSC behavioral style assessments.  Successful organizations need highly collaborative teams rowing in the same direction.  Connect can help you get there!”

Patrick Meehan – CEO, Modern Medical System


“Ellen Cooperperson’s upbeat message empowers people to move forward and overcome the challenges of work – and life.”

Martin Aschner – Assistant Manager, MTA Long Island Railroad


“Thank you again for making our agent appreciation day one of our best ever! You were superb. The feedback from our agents is fantastic. The excitement and participation in the room was contagious and exhilarating.”

Frank DellAccio, Jr. –  CEO, Century 21AA


“Ellen provided me with a real view of how I am perceived in my workplace and in understanding how I can enhance my relationships with those with whom I work and live for the success of all.”

Patricia C. Marcin, Esq. – Farrell Fritz, P.C


“Your program was incredible! My phone has been ringing all day with calls in exuberant praise of you.”

Marcy Tublisky – Executive Director, Hauppauge Industrial Association


“You pushed us to grow. The net result was our transformation into a cohesive vibrant team. The officers are taking on new responsibilities. Our efficiency levels have increased and the quality of our audits have been favorably impacted. Coming to work has become a pleasure.”

Fred Gennari – Vice President, European American Bank


“If you have prospective clients that want to talk to current/former clients, please consider me an evangelist. I’d be happy to sing your praises.”

Ben Diamond – President, HCCS Experts in Healthcare Learning


“You certainly captured the audience as witnessed by the reception and feedback. You are the kind of role model worthy of following. You’ve demonstrated the ability to “walk your talk” – a true professional.”

Ester Bogin – President, Long Island Center for Business & Professional Woman


“The immediate response to the program was overwhelmingly positive. More impressive to me are the unsolicited comments and notes I’ve received long after the workshop ended. A number of the participants continued to meet to discuss ideas you presented. This kind of involvement means that we met the source objectives of enhancing understanding of Newsday’s culture & strengthening networks among our talented professional. Thank you for working with me to make sure this course was right for Newsday.”

Elizabeth V. Drewry – VP of Human Resources, Newsday


“The series of programs you developed to help our management staff gain the skills they needed was the best, from a practical point of view, of the many courses and seminars I have ever attended.”

Henry Kraeter – Personal Director, South Oaks Hospital


“Hallelujah! Just when I started turning off all those canned, irrelevant management programs, along comes an organization that gets results.”

Norma L. Merrill – Human Resources, Ruco Polymer Corporation


“The feedback from our middle managers has been even more positive than I had hoped and trust me, I expected a lot. Those 27 people are now functioning as one unit. The morale is high and has been improving steadily over the course of your sessions. Thank you for all your fine work at DISC Graphics.”

Don Sinkin – CEO, Disc Graphics


“Working with Ellen opened up communication within the company, broke down walls and barriers, but most importantly taught everyone to treat each other as a “customer” with respect and enthusiasm.”

Ron Bergida – EVP at Gilbert Displays Inc.


“Ellen Cooperperson’s help, advice, and support through the last 13 years have been tremendous in my being able to attain greater heights in terms of my own performance and my own ability to positively impact my organization.”

Margaret Krumholz – President, Disc Graphics