How It Works

In a recent survey by The RAIN Group that examined $3.1 billion in sales opportunities, buyers across global industries indicated overwhelmingly that a key factor in selecting the #1 Sales Winners over the second place finishers was that “the sales professional made a personal connection with me.

In a Grossman survey, 400 organizations of 100,000+ employees are each losing $62.4 million per year based on inadequate communications to and between employees. Specifically U.S. Hospitals lost $12 billion/year due to poor communications. And according to Gallup $450 to $550 billion in productivity is lost yearly due to actively disengaged employees.

All of this data indicates the same conclusion: successful workplace interactivity within organizations is the key driver of employee retention, customer satisfaction, talent acquisition and sales revenue, among others. 

Now, there are training programs that help with this issue, most notably DISC Training.  DISC is time-proven and immensely popular among professional coaches, HR departments and others because conceptually it delivers exactly what organizations need.  The one problem with DISC is staying power.  Typically DISC training is a one-time “set it and forget it” program  rendering it very difficult to instill lasting behavioral changes.  That’s why Connect 4- Effective Communication is so critical for organizations.  It takes DISC training, makes it usable for anyone and provides the behavioral changes that truly make DISC the extraordinarily powerful tool it was designed to be… profoundly changing results.

Isn’t this type of business transformation something you desire for your organization?

Connect focuses on the critical “missing link” in communications and selling skills training: The Human Factor.

It teaches:

• How people communicate

• Where and why communication breakdowns typically occur

• Four distinct communication styles that define the way people prefer to receive information

• How to easily identify and adapt to each of the styles to consistently achieve more effective communication, significantly enhancing relationships and achieving business results

The foundation to Connect 4- Effective Communication is a series of ten interactive micro lessons, most less than 10 minutes.
  1. The real meaning of communication/barriers to connecting
  2. D.I.S.C. profile to assess your strengths and development opportunities
  3. The network of conversations
  4. Speaking the language of others
  5. Deep dive for each style
  6. Courageous Conversations
  7. Up-front sales contracts
  8. People Reading… How do you know one when you see one?
  9. Action planning
  10. Virtual communications
These are delivered online and focus on a step-by-step process that allows the complete Connect program to be easily absorbed and implemented. This is not just talking head teaching… we use video vignettes with actors, colorful graphics and other vehicles to illustrate the concepts and keep the material engaging. This e-learning is reinforced with bonus downloadable materials and questions to ensure that the user understands and is able to apply the concepts properly. This simple series is actually an experience that will dramatically change the way your organization interacts with extraordinary results attained.
One of the key concepts of Connect 4- Effective Communication is the DISC profile. DISC is probably the most widely used personality profiling system in existence. DISC identifies how you are communicating with other people, and how you need to be communicated with based on your natural personality style. Make no mistake, this is a technology that has been proven time and time again in organizations of all sizes, all over the world. Again, Connect 4- Effective Communication takes DISC to an entirely new level–it makes DISC part of one’s everyday behavior, which in turn transforms organizations. As part of the Connect training, you will receive a free DISC assessment. To find out more about DISC
To reinforce the training, we deliver video “Energizers” directly into the user’s inbox each month for a year to ensure sustainability of the learning and actual usage in the workplace. These energizers include: follow-up webinars, online video vignettes, job tools, communications white papers, and on-the-job application exercises.
  1. How to identify and avoid distracting destructive conversations
  2. How to listen, really listen
  3. Working with the D Style
  4. Working with the I style
  5. Working with the S style
  6. Working with the C style
  7. Productive conversations with a D
  8. Productive conversations with a I
  9. Productive conversations with a S
  10. Productive conversations with a C
  11. Reading Body Language
  12. Coaching Performance Excellence

At this point, the user has all of the tools necessary to change and control their communications style based on the situation and the styles of the people with whom they are relating. And for those situations that demand additional attention, there is other learning that can take place to provide solutions, as well as consulting to handle critical issues tied into communications within the work place.