Tis The Season to Be “Busy”

Busy is the new four-letter word. Ask anyone these days “how are you?” and the answer you’ll get is “busy” My Dad, who was brilliant with common sense, used to ask me “are you busy

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Keeping Your Balance

If people do or say things that upset us, that means we’re losing our balance. Inevitably what follows is that we are going to do or say something foolish that’s going to cost us in

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It’s Time for a Change

The New Year and the whole month of January is the time of new beginnings. This is the time to look forward to the year ahead and to the journey we will need to take

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How to be Successful at Networking

Networking in business is a key factor to being successful. Whether it is networking in large groups to build your book of customers, or networking within your office to help nab that promotion, being able

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IT Communication in the Workplace

When you think of Information Technology (IT) and your business, what comes to mind? Are the IT professionals ‘just’ those people you call when your computer seems broken? Do you dread making that call because

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